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KrisKai are cute and you can't do anything about it ^.~

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Crab dance vs Mommy, buy me that dance

hunhan - unfailing love for u.

Oh there is a cute waiter and when he herd exo he just stopped what he was doing and just started steering at the TV

So I’m at a Chinese restaurant and I’m watching exo f (x) boa and super junior on the TV

To. KAI~^^! 
I’m EXO’s fan… Can I get your autograph?? I have joined EXO L yesterday~ bbooing bbooing~ >_< Thank you for willingly joining in the featuring and I will support you if you need my help next time~!


To. Senior Taemin
Senior Taemin…. This is KAI. Can I have your autograph since we have taken photos together…? I’m just joking. I’m really touched that I’m writing a letter on the album which has Taemin’s name. I’m always looking at your stage and supporting you so don’t be sick and I hope your success. You’re so smart, Taemin!! Go Go!
Please give much support to Taemin’s solo transformation which KAI supports! Thank you : )



Chanyeol - 140818 Samsung Galaxy Nanjing Music Festival

Credit: Drumstick. (Samsung Galaxy 南京音乐节)

sehun laughing his ass off
❝Everyone has a 2 AM and a 2 PM personality.❞
mom: the first thing you would want to do is se-
me: sehun
mom: separate the egg white from the yolk

Aren’t you doing it a little too sexy?


reblog this if your icon is your favorite person ever

byun baekhyun + mood board.