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KrisKai are cute and you can't do anything about it ^.~

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E L L E  M E N

simple kyungsoo!editeu for a brand new show, on air monday 2nd, only on mtv! stay tuned! (obviously it’s not true)

jongin’s reaction when it suddenly starts raining


Kai - 140808 Aima Bikes fanmeeting in Tianjin - 2/4

Credit: 94style.

ideal j | do not edit.


there comes a time in every man’s life when he must answer his calling

bubbly cherry | do not edit.


Kai - 140815 SMTown Live World Tour IV in Seoul - 53/67

Credit: TAKE ME OUT!.

don’t forget to come back home, don’t forget to drop your keys loudly, and don’t forget to kiss me goodnight

I honestly don’t know how long will be our ‘forever’, but I will surely treasure those people who are by my side ‘til now.” — Zhang Yixing